Rapover is an application with which doctors can further process an existing patient report and easily pinpoint patients that are in a difficult or even dangerous state in their treatment via multiple search criteria, such as type 2 diabetes or high BMI.

The Challenge

The software currently used in hospitals is lacking in features for reporting treatment results. Doctors end up with giant Excel sheets with thousands of rows of patient data that is practically impossible to search through manually.

The Solution

Piippunaakka created Rapover, a software that utilizes the huge reports from the hospital database, pinpointing desired patient groups and highlighting all relevant information of individual patients.

The Result

Rapover can be said to save lives, because it enables patients in a potentially critical/risky situation to be detected and contacted for further control and treatment. Rapover also shows the diagnosed patients that have failed to show up at control measurements (so-called “dropouts”).
Financially Rapover saves a great amount of work hours that have previously been used in manually leafing through large quantities of patient data.

Untreated type 2 diabetes is potentially very expensive for the society in the form of work inability, amputations, organ transplants and various other problems.
Rapover also saves in e.g. recognizing patients that are healthy enough to not require retinal analysis, as the risk for glaucoma is minimal. As an example, the Joensuu area has saved 20 000 euros this way.