Timber Trans is aimed at timber traders who provide services for forest owners who want to sell their forests. The traders take care of the whole process of cutting down their customer’s timber and transporting it to sawmills.

The Challenge

Where to get the best price for different types of timber? Timber traders in the Baltic region are faced with the problem of having 60 different sawmills in the region, each with their specific price for different types of timber. Furthermore, transporting the timber to each mill has its own cost.
The traders are faced with the arduous work of calculating their profit by comparing timber buy rates and transport costs for up to 60 sawmills. Needless to say, this is an extremely time-consuming process.

The Solution

Piippunaakka developed Timber Trans, an application that utilizes the Google Maps API to combine transport routes, costs and the timber price list of every sawmill. The traders are provided with an automatically generated list that shows the sawmills that offer the best value for the timber.

The Benefit

With the help of Timber Trans, you can always promise the best price for your customer. For transport service providers Timber Trans is an amazing tool that saves tons of valuable time.