CBI Tool (Customer Benefit Identification) is a tool with which various numerical scenarios can be projected to see how to achieve savings with different drugs and their uses. Finding angles and figures that are essential for sales are made easy to understand.

The Challenge

How to communicate to Finnish hospital decision makers the fact that certain drugs are financially a better and more effective investment than others in the long run.

The Solution

An online application that is based on raw data obtained from Kela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland) and medical research articles about the effect of various drugs and the drawbacks and extra costs caused by poor treatment. Ineffective medication and various complications caused by ineffective drugs and treatment costs the society over 300 000 000 € per year.

The Result

Proper treatment and medication ensures better health and able-bodies workers for the society. CBI Tool helps in choosing the right drugs for the right treatments and saves money by helping to cure patients more quickly.