Tender Tool is an effective sales follow-up tool that allows the user to view and search medical product sales in Finland. Sales units combined with tender prices
are used to produce actual sales figures – fast and automatic.

The Challenge

    • Difficulties in sales follow-up. Sales data comes in a myriad of Excel sheets which take too many hours to process.
    • Where to find the right sales estimates? The Finnish Pharmaceutical Information Centre only offers suggested retail prices, while all different wholesalers have their own tendered prices.
    • How to effortlessly obtain easy-to-interpret sales figures for product managers.
    • How to monitor the sales of individual drugs, e.g. to quickly detect a decrease in sales which can be affected by active sales efforts.
    • How to enable the use of sales data more widely in an organization – not just sales personnel, but everyone who can benefit from it.

The Solution

Piippunaakka created Tender Tool, a system into which drug product Excel data is saved bimonthly. The application’s user interface has a variety of easy-to-use and fast features with which the sales of different product groups in different geographical areas can be examined. Tender Tool works on an iPad even without an internet connection, making it the perfect tool to be used to obtain the latest sales data depending on wherever a sales person might be travelling.

The Result

Dozens of sales representatives use Tender Tool daily as an effective support for their sales work. The tool allows them to make quick decisions and e.g. react to decreasing sales in time.